# About Patch Notifier

Patch Notifier is the application used to allow user consent of updates. When an update to an application is occurring, Alectrona Patch determines if the application is running and if not will silently update the application in the background. However, in the event that the application requiring an update is running, Patch Notifier presents a dialog informing the user that an update is available. This provides the user with an opportunity to update or defer.

Patch Notifier Update Dialog

Patch Notifier is located at the following path:

/Library/Application Support/Alectrona/Patch/patch-notifier.app

# Patch Notifier Custom Branding Settings

You can customize Patch Notifier's update dialog for your organization.

# Preference Keys

Domain: com.alectrona.patch-notifier

Key Description Data Type Example
DialogDescription The main description that appears in the update dialog. String <key>DialogDescription</key>
<string>Awesome description.</string>
UpdateButtonLabel The label or displayed text in the update button. String <key>UpdateButtonLabel</key>
DeferButtonLabel The label or displayed text in the defer button. String <key>DeferButtonLabel</key>
ContentImagePath Path to a locally stored image to use as the content image of the update dialog (PNG/JPG/GIF/TIFF). String <key>ContentImagePath</key>
DialogTimeout The duration, in seconds, that the update dialog will appear on screen before performing a timeout deferral. Integer <key>DialogTimeout</key>
DialogHelpText Enable the help button and populate the text displayed on screen when clicked. String <key>DialogHelpText</key>
<string>Not to worry your company is here to help.</string>
DialogHelpToolTip Customizes the tooltip of the help button (when enabled). String <key>DialogHelpToolTip</key>
<string>About this message.</string>
DialogTitle The title of the update dialog window. String <key>DialogTitle</key>
<string>Update Available</string>

# DialogDescription Variables

The following variables can be used in the DialogDescription value so that you can still display application-specific information when using custom branding for Patch Notifier.

Variable Description
PATCH_FRIENDLY_NAME The friendly name of the software title. Example: "Google Chrome".
PATCH_TARGET_VERSION The version of the software title to be installed.
PATCH_INSTALLED_VERSION The version of the software title that is currently installed.
PATCH_UPDATE_BUTTON_LABEL The label that is displayed in the update button. Customizable with the UpdateButtonLabel key.
PATCH_DEFER_BUTTON_LABEL The label that is displayed in the defer button. Customizable with the DeferButtonLabel key.

Are you a Jamf Pro admin?

See our Deployment doc to see how you can customize Patch Notifier in Jamf Pro using custom JSON schema.