# Deploying Alectrona Patch

# Installation

It's easy to deploy Alectrona Patch to your Macs.

  1. First you'd deploy a Patch Profile to your Macs. You can create this manually if you prefer or build one using our Patch Profile Builder.
  2. Next deploy the Alectrona Patch package from your welcome email or use our script in GitHub (opens new window).
  3. Enjoy automated patch management on your Mac fleet. 🎉

Need help?

If you are unsure how to deploy Alectrona Patch in your environment please reach out to us.

# Automatic Updates

Alectrona Patch will automatically update itself as we make new releases available. Although there is no need for you to update Alectrona Patch manually, for new installations we recommend installing the latest version so that an immediate update is not necessary.

# System Requirements

Alectrona Patch is designed for macOS 10.12 or above and runs natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon.


Macs on macOS 10.14.3 or below (10.12 to 10.14.3) require the Swift 5 Runtime Support Libraries to be installed. More information can be found at the Apple Support page below. Download Swift 5 Runtime Support for Command Line Tools (opens new window)

# Network Requirements

Client Macs using Alectrona Patch will require the ability to connect to software vendor's CDNs using HTTPS connections over port 443.

# Jamf Pro JSON Schema

You can easily create Configuration Profiles in Jamf Pro to customize both the Patch command line tool and the Patch Notifier using custom JSON Schema.